The Present Parent Handbook – Book

The Present Parent Handbook is the kind of book I wish I had when I first became a father – or better yet, even before my son was born. I would have placed it on my bedside table, ready and accessible for whenever I felt the need for a reminder of how I wanted to father. . . to remind me that it is in my presence that my child learns to see himself and know himself in the world.

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The Present Parent – Individuals

Dr. Dukes has cultivated an expertise in helping individuals function as inspired, authentic leaders accountable for their actions. His teachings foster an open environment, resulting in respect for individual boundaries while eliminating barriers to connection and communication. His work develops gifted and talented people determined to be relationally present, socially conscious and spiritually attuned.

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The Present Parent – Organizations

Dr. Dukes works with established business owners as well as emerging innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists. His model, based on Presence, brings clarity, strategy, and progress to individuals, teams, and organizations. Incorporating research from his years of clinical work, academic study and contemplative practices, his model has been strategically designed to transform challenges and suffering into mastery.

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I remember a time when I came home from work and my son was all over me. I was dressed in a silk shirt and

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Be Present

  • Deliver on promises
  • Recognize your worth
  • Have clarity of purpose
  • Be integrated in mind, body, heart, and spirit
  • Greet with curiosity that which you cannot control
  • Start the Journey


I noticed the drain of energy from people closing down and sub-grouping when I needed them open and communicating. I now watch my team transform and I can quantify the results that Timothy contributes. I encourage any CEO or organization leader who is results driven to meet with Dr. Dukes. This time might prove to be the best investment you make, it was for me!
Tim, I haven’t finished your book yet, but I’m far enough through to conclude that it’s exceptional. Thank you for lending it to me. I’m learning more than I could have imagined. And it’s ridiculously timely for me. It should be out in the world — it’s much needed.
Tim Dukes is super amazing. Timothy is both a window and mirror into the deepest and darkest parts of my mind and being. I have come to know myself infinitely more intimately through our work together and have benefited immeasurably from this knowledge and the insights that have been revealed. Our work is not obtuse or abstract but rather results in real and measurable successes. Timothy is a gifted and cherished friend.
J.P., Elder Justice Attorney
Dr. Dukes can reveal the importance of creating sustainable communities that contribute authenticity, value and purpose, while also turning a profit.
Z.B., Social Media Expert
Dr. Dukes is masterful in assessing leader and organizational needs, garnering introspective insight, revealing potential, harnessing positive energy, empowering individual means towards collective ends – personal growth, mission accomplishment, and strategic vision fruition.
B.B., Colonel, US Army; Center Director, US Government