About Tim

Tim Dukes, Ph.D. works with established business owners, political and organizational leaders as well as emerging innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists. His communication model, based on presence and mindfulness is distilled from his years of clinical work, academic research and contemplative practices. His Lotus Seat™ process has been strategically designed to transform challenges into professional mastery. The net result being that individuals function as inspired, authentic leaders and communicators accountable for their actions. His teaching fosters an open environment based on insight, trust, and candor resulting in a respect for individual boundaries and a diversity of ideas.

The Present Parent Handbook, his forthcoming book, catalogues decades of work with both parents and children. Initially an academic endeavor, Tim has transformed theoretical material into every day experience. His book sits at the intersection of thought and form and invites all to simply be present. Through moment-to-moment presence, “parenthood” can be birthed, women and men initiated, and children both held and facilitated.