The Present Parent Handbook

To parent a child is both simple and difficult. You must listen and be willing to feel. Whether you understand it or not, trust that in any given moment, your child’s voice will bring you closer to the parent you hope to be.

The Present Parent Handbook is written for parents who want to be present for their children and families, who want their children to receive the best from their partners, and for those who want to heal from their own parent wounds. As readers learn to be present as parents, they also realize the value of presence in their lives.

“What parent doesn’t need a handbook of practical reminders and applications to daily life raising children? Thank you Dr. Tim Dukes for helping us be mindful, empathetic, and conscious listeners which will in turn naturally help our children to become the same.” – TOM LIMBERT, parenting coach, educator, and author of Dad’s Playbook and What They Won’t Tell You About Parenting

In each moment, your child informs you of everything you need to know about parenting. In the present, there is the opportunity to show up, pay attention, and become the parent you so want to be. However, at some point, there will be a situation you cannot untangle. Unwanted feelings will emerge as deep and forgotten memories surface. Yet, you still have to manage the discomfort and carry on as a parent.

The Present Parent Handbook acknowledges the challenges of parenthood. It addresses both the dilemmas and delights in each parenting moment, providing practices to manage both. While healing the wounds of parental absence and laying the path to presence, this is the book every parent needs to read. Tim writes about parenthood from the heart, as a son and as a father – gut wrenching and real.

“This is a crucial read. I recommend it for all parents. Dukes speaks to the very core of parenting. He reminds us that we can parent and be present—in the home and while on the road. He reminds us that, “You are the ‘Keeper of Connection,’ even when you ‘don’t have any time.’” This is an important tool in his richly-inventoried handbook. Take it to heart.” – VAN JONES, bestselling author of Green-Collar Economy & Rebuild the Dream and father of two boys

Excerpt from the book:

My involvement with my child kindles the smoldering embers of a childhood lived long ago. Memories of myself as a child with my own father burn through many interactions with my son. For better or worse, my father lives inside of me, a figure that remains within the shadows of my heart. When I see the man on the bus, the man on the bike – or any man for that matter – caring for a child, it brings my father to light, and I experience a quiet invitation for him to hear the call, to return to me in these moments and guide me through the challenges I face in parenting. Yet, just as he was not with me then, he is not with me now. The road ahead can seem empty. Often I have asked myself, ‘Do I have to walk alone?’

Listen to a chapter from the book:

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Praise for The Present Parent Handbook:

“The Present Parent Handbook is a meditative meta-journey into the essence of parenting. Dr. Dukes combines classical and practical advice on becoming the best parent you can be. Any parent who wishes to ensure they are tuning into the needs of their child’s development should consider picking up this book and then passing to a friend.” – CHERYL CONTEE, award-winning CEO and co-founder of Fission Strategy

“Through his profound and beautifully written book, The Present Parent Handbook, Dr. Timothy Dukes has captured in clear, grounded language, infused with years of professional knowledge and personal experience, words that point to the aspect of parenting that has no words: the reciprocal gift of being present with our children. A fine read, inspiring us as parents to raise children intrinsically prepared to greet their world.” – LAURA BASHA, PhD, author of The Inward Outlook

“I loved being reminded that “Parenting is a creative act” and the dance that is relationship is where both lead and both follow. You may also be relieved to learn that spending quantity time with children does equal or surpass quality time!” – FREDERICK MARX, Director/Producer,

“A short, empathetic debut guide to conscientious parenting. Dukes has produced a clearheaded, well-designed book about how parents can be “consistently located in [their] child’s world” by combatting the rushing pace of modern life. Parenting, Dukes writes, represents the opportunity to “start fresh every day,” and his book offers readers a great deal of help in seizing that opportunity. A conversational and compassionate handbook for kids’ caregivers.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS

“In beautifully jargon-free prose, Dukes offers wise and compassionate guidance on how to be truly mindful with our children. This practice of presence serves not only our children but also ourselves. This book moved me to tears at times. I can’t wait to buy copies for all my parent friends.” – DIANA WINSTON, Director or Mindfulness Education, UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and co-author of Fully Present: The Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness

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