Tim is available to lead workshops for parents on Present parenting. Anyone responsible for the care of a child will gain from time spent in Tim’s company.
The wounds we carry due to the challenges we faced with our parents can be uncovered, clarified, and healed.
Tim works with individuals on a fee for service basis. He is committed to healing the wounds of the absent parent as presented in all walks of an individual’s life.
Tim teaches presence as a means to heal the individual, family, and corporation. Seminars are designed to address how presence can fill the void of absence in the individual, family, and culture.
Tim is available for both book talks and speaking engagements. His emphasis on presence and parenthood speaks to men and women, fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters; in other words, you.
Teams and organizations are like families, and often individuals bring their unresolved “stuff” to work. Tim works to demystify the myths and patterns that perpetuate in one’s life and the culture in which they find themselves.
Tim works one-on-one with individuals for scheduled half day or full day retreats. This time creates a ceremonial holding environment, a temenos protected from intrusion of everyday life, allowing for a deepening process to unfold.